Starting up

This is a decentralized chatting app. Instead of having a central server that stores all messages, every visitor joining the system stores the last 20 messages. So even if the central server goes down or censors messages, the clients can still communicate.

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The goal of Fledger is to have a full node running in the web browser. Instead of having to invest in big hardware, fledger will be light enough that you can participate using a browser. You will mine Mana can be used to run smart contracts, store data, or use the re-encryption service.

The state of the project is

  • Networking
    • Done: learning Rust and making WebRTC work reliably
    • Done: setting up of TURN server
  • In progress: simple half-centralized sharing of content
  • Coming up: decentralized sharing with incentives
  • Coming up: setting up chains for sharing tracking

For more information, see the documentation: Fledger - the blockchain that could

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